Project Description


The Third

The concept of this collection was based on the Siamese conjoined twins, Chang & Eng Bunker and the last king and queen of France, Luise Auguste & Marie Antoinette.

Chang & Eng’s incredible life reflects how we all live under others’ observation(watch). Although each of us was born to be a new individual, none of us was spared from this invisible membrane that was inextricably intertwined by fate and society status, no ordinary nor king.

Unsatisfactoriness, misunderstoods, compornises and giving up.. Those were derived within criticisms(comments) of others’..

And maybe, accepting ourselves is a way to be truly free from others’ sense of worth.

Seek for what is already there and make the best of it.

THE THIRD was stating [Yet.. I exist].

It is frank self acceptance and appreciation.

It has nothing to do with society status, appearance or anyone else.